Become a Ready Business

The Readiness Gap

Readiness Gap

In a fast-moving world where the pace of change is accelerating, businesses of all sizes must be well-prepared for the future. But what does well-prepared look like? How many businesses really are prepared?

Is your business a Ready Business?

Is your business Ready Business?

If you are involved in strategy, planning or investment decision-making for your company, business readiness plays a critical role. Vodafone Business Services will provide you with a good understanding of what it means for your business, and how you can exploit the 'readiness advantage' to achieve ongoing success.

The Ready Philosophy

Ready Philosophy

With the backdrop of a rapidly evolving commercial environment, businesses must be able to sense the need for change, define the nature of the change required, and implement that change efficiently and effectively.

Ready Businesses have

Better operational agility

Better operational agility

Better Connected Employee

Better connected employees

Better Customer Engagement

Better customer engagement

A Ready Business is agile and thrives in a continually transforming world. Flexible, mobile, and collaborative, the business is built to be exceptionally responsive to the changing needs of its customers.

We can help you:

  • 1

    Drive agility

  • 2

    Support your people

  • 3

    Connect better with customers

Our unique combination of mobility-focused consultancy plus intelligent connection to all infrastructure and data enables your business to be ready for almost anything.

Characteristics of a Ready Business

A ready business is prepared to deal with the unforeseen changes all businesses will face in the future.It has the power to succeed today while always prepared for tomorrow.

The 4 characteristics of a Ready Business



Ready to move fast when new opportunities arise



Ready to connect people and machines everywhere



Ready to adapt to new challenges and learn quickly

For customers

For customers

Ready to listen to customers and respond to their needs

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