Helping improve India's dairy milk supply chain

Business Challenge

  • India is today the world's leading milk producer. However, there are still numerous inefficiencies in the dairy supply chain.
  • To tackle this issue, Prompt Softech needed to collect and centralise India's dairy data.

Vodafone Solution

  • Prompt Softech worked with Vodafone's IoT solutions to collect accurate dairy data from numerous villages.
  • A single Vodafone IoT platform allows Prompt Softech to manage all their devices.
  • Using the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, the Automatic Milk Collection System was created. This is used to weigh and analyse local milk production, and then send the data to a centralised record.

Business Benefit

  • A thousand villages have already been connected and Prompt Softech expects to reach 18,000 villages within three years.
  • The collected data is used to analyse trends and map production better.
  • Farmers also get to know about the quality of their milk, see records of transactions and feel connected to the wider industry.