Helping reduce India's energy wastage

Business Challenge

  • Ecolibrium Energy helps customers increase operational efficiency by minimising energy costs and helps improve productivity by optimising asset performance.
  • Their SmartSense analytics platform, which promises to cut energy costs by up to 30%, needed robust connectivity for smooth functioning.

Vodafone Solution

  • Vodafone IoT powers the sensors on SmartSense devices, thereby helping transmit valuable energy consumption data to a central platform on a near real-time basis.
  • Vodafone's IoT platform helps manage a national network of these SmartSense devices.

Business Benefit

  • Ecolibrium customers can monitor the performance of their energy-consuming assets and move from scheduled maintenance to data-driven maintenance decisions.
  • Maintenance is better planned, individual assets can be scrutinised and performance audits can be compiled in real-time.
  • Up to 20 sensors per device can be installed in a matter of few minutes.
  • Ecolibrium powered by Vodafone IoT envisions playing a significant role in helping manage energy nationally.